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Great features of the Asset Tracking Manager
How many assets can I track with ATM?
ATM comes in a variety of asset management packages to fit your budget. See the comparison list here.
What assets should I track with ATM?
You should track any assets that need maintenance, have value and need to be depreciated over time, need to be lent to employees or customers and need to be returned, and assets that you are concerned might get lost or stolen. Although ATM doesn't find lost assets, you can discover that they are gone with a routine audit.
Can I upload my existing assets and company locations to ATM?
Yes. Our import wizard allows you to import data from another system in xls format.
Are there video tutorials for ATM?
Yes. See our full video tutorial here.
Can I use my existing asset tags with ATM?
Absolutely. Our import wizard makes it easy to import your current assets.
How much does ATM cost?
ATM comes in a variety of Asset management packages to fit your budget. See the comparison list here.
Is my data safe with ATM?
Yes. Your data is stored by an access controlled system through which only privileged user can access your data.
Can I export my data from ATM?
Yes. With a full subscription to ATM, you can export your asset data for any number of reasons. Export is not available on trial versions.
Can I audit my assets with ATM?
Yes. You can audit assets manually or using the integrated scanner.
Can ATM help me schedule maintenance for some of my assets?
Absolutely. Scheduling recurring maintenance of copiers, machinery, computers and other assets is a breeze. And combined with our reporting tools, you can easily see what needs to be maintained and who is responsible for that maintenance.
Can I use ATM to check-in or check-out assets?
Yes. This is one of the nicest features of ATM. Keep track of tools, PDAs, scanners and other important assets. Figure out who checked them out and when they are due back.
Do I need internet connectivity for ATM?
Yes. ATM is a hosted service. To access your asset information you must log in as you would to check email on Once logged in you will have access to your private information.
Will my scanner work to track assets with ATM?
Due to the large number of scanners available on the market, we have chosen to support only one scanner. This makes sure you have a system that works and is affordable.
Is there a scanner that will work with ATM?
Yes, we support MOTOROLA CS 1504 Scanner. See scanner details
Can I manage users of the ATM system?
Yes. Administrators have the ability to add new users to the system.
Is there a free trial of ATM?
Yes. Click here to start your trial!
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Shifting my office was a breeze!
I was having nightmares about shifting my 15 employee office to a new location. Fortunately your Asset Manager took much of the load off, making inventory, labeling etc. really easy. We were done in no time and I have even been recommending it to friends!
Carl Selznick, PA

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