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Unlimited software users

Barcode scanning possible

Easy check-in, check-out

Dept. wise asset categorization

Admin rights and user access

Spreadsheet compatible data

Reports on overdue maintenance, asset depreciation, asset history and valuation

Feature & Benefits

Asset tracking has now become easier with the introduction of efficient software and user licensing. You can track your inventory and assets with Asset Tracking Manager software. The software enables you to manage all your assets into one easy-to-use and complete application that can be applied to any company regardless of the sector or industry. It has some extra features that make it a worthwhile investment.

Our mission was clear:
1. Make asset tracking process easier by eliminating unneeded features.
2. Make asset tracking affordable for all businesses.
3. Make asset tracking process accessible to entire organization through web application.

Check the price of Asset Tracking Software at our website and evaluate what value and power it offers to your organization.
Valuable Features

A software solution is not fully effective if it is not of good quality. Thus, we have invested in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) procedures and earned CMMI Level 3 & ISO 9001:2000 certifications. These certifications specially require the companies to inculcate quality to their SDLC procedure.

Easy-to-understand web interface:

ATM is a web-enabled application that does not require installation. Its interface is quite easy to understand and use.

Hosted solution with the ability of complete data back-up & recovery

When you use ATM, you can rest assured that your entire data is backed-up & can be recovered.

Unlimited users

Any number of users can use the application and this makes the asset tracking process really fast.

Scan & print barcodes
ATM reads the data from barcode labels, automating the asset tracking process and saving your time.
Asset history for every transaction
Asset Tracking Manager records the date, time, user and other details for every transaction.
Asset Serial Number, Model Number & Tag Number
ATM records asset serial number, model type and tag number for every asset that you tagged.
Audit of Location & Employee Assets
The assets can be audited employee-wise and location-wise. This makes the tracking process more streamlined.
Check in/out assets to a customer or an employee
With the facility of check-in / check-out, you can update the records of assets that are handed-over to customers or employees.
Add or delete customer information
You can add or delete the information of any customer any time. You can even print the information of any customer.
Department categories
With Asset Tracking Manager, you can allocate and record assets under different department headings (like Faculty, IT, Staff etc.) and this ultimately increases responsibility & accountability.
Easy employee administration & control of access rights
You can give some employees the Admin rights to use ATM. You can also control the employee's access to the database of assets.
Repairs and maintenance at specific intervals
You can use ATM to classify your assets and inventory on the basis of types. In this way, you can specify the intervals between each checkup for repairs and maintenance of different assets.
Get reports about asset maintenance due
The Asset Tracking Manager produces reports about when the asset maintenance is due. Due to timely maintenance, the assets will be kept in good health.
Get reports about asset history and valuation etc.
You can get reports about asset history, its present value, depreciation and other similar details. These reports will be of great help at the time of calculating taxes.
Compatible with Excel
Asset Tracking Manager is compatible with Excel. Thus, the data in Excel spreadsheets can be imported & exported easily.
Add unlimited sites and locations
You can add any number of sites and locations required while tracking your assets and inventory.
Add or delete information of manufacturer or vendor
You can add, edit or delete details of any manufacturer or vendor in the application. The details include name, address and contact information.
Allows to upload scanned documents online
ATM allows you to upload different scanned documents online for the purpose of signing some contracts, giving warranties or simply for maintenance.
User-defined asset classification
You can define yourself how you want to classify your inventory and assets by mentioning the types you need.
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Shifting my office was a breeze!
I was having nightmares about shifting my 15 employee office to a new location. Fortunately your Asset Manager took much of the load off, making inventory, labeling etc. really easy. We were done in no time and I have even been recommending it to friends!
Carl Selznick, PA

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