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View the video of the Asset Tracking Manager in action

Unlimited software users

Barcode scanning possible

Easy check-in, check-out

Dept. wise asset categorization

Admin rights and user access

Spreadsheet compatible data

Reports on overdue maintenance, asset depreciation, asset history and valuation

Asset Tracking Software
Organizations invest their good sum in acquiring assets that are needed to run businesses and generate revenues. These occupations are sprinkled among clients and business partners, thus it becomes mandatory for firm’s personals to streamline and track the assets carefully. Today many online Asset Tracking Software applications are available and companies are using it for the purpose of tracking and managing their assets. Our Asset Tracking Software provides all the functionality which majorly includes:
View the video of the Asset Tracking Manager in action
Hosted solution with full data backup and recovery
Scans and prints barcode
Records Asset history for each transaction
Does audit of location and employee assets
Spreadsheet compatible of export and import of files
Timely reports including asset assignment, history, depreciation, valuation etc.
Unlimited set up of sites and locations
The web based Asset tracking solution offers total freedom from editing, auditing and regular maintenance of assets. It helps in maintaining records of assets like number of assets, location of assets, check in and check out, repair and maintenance reports etc. Also efficiently calculates depreciation cost of each asset.
Barcode based asset tracking software has easy to use system and interface, reducing unnecessary complexity. It is an easy-to-use software which helps in managing your assets throughout their lifecycle; from introduction phase to disposal one. Basically this Asset Tracking Software has been designed to make organization’s asset-management affordable. Using such system can enable you to realize the innumerable benefits especially as cost & time saving. Also, this solution allows locating assets, to cut the overhead and save time which gets wasted in the search of mis-placed or lost items. Proper tracking enables a business owner to keep the track of inventory’s age, as it becomes easier to monitor those assets also which gets neglected in the warehouse with the passage of time. Enterprise Asset Barcode tracking software has in-built configurable functionality to get easily configured according to firm’s requirement, work process and its objectives.
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Shifting my office was a breeze!
I was having nightmares about shifting my 15 employee office to a new location. Fortunately your Asset Manager took much of the load off, making inventory, labeling etc. really easy. We were done in no time and I have even been recommending it to friends!
Carl Selznick, PA

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