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About Us
About the Asset Tracking Manager

The Asset Tracking Manager is a comprehensive product/service to track and manage assets of a company. It makes the process of tracking of fixed assets and other assets easier and efficient than before. With the help of this Asset tracking Manager, you can track all your valuable assets, vehicles, equipment, inventory and more. You can also calculate the depreciation of your fixed assets and update any existing records.

This application features easy-to-use interface which helps the users to keep all the data about the assets at their fingertips. Offering high quality and timely customer support, the product/service is useful for all types of businessmen handling numerous assets.

What we do

Our company Asset Tracking Manager endeavors to be a leader in international market for software products in the field of E-business. We have a specialization in asset management systems. Our products ensure the complete safety and security of your assets by keeping a track of them. Our clients include small companies as well as large scale companies. We believe that if we will focus on Customer Satisfaction and Total Quality as our corporate values, we will achieve our business goals while establishing long-term relationships with the clients.


Quality is the most important thing associated with any software or application. Thus, we have used SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) processes to design our product and got quality certificates from CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001:2000. Using these quality standards means that we have infused quality into every design and development process.


It is true that our clients get benefits from our solutions. We give our clients what they want, need and demand for. We try to give them our services in the best way possible, so that there is no loophole left. Sometimes, the clients also need onsite support for their mission-critical and highly collaborative projects. Sometimes, they need a mix of offsite and onsite resources. We give them what they ask for. In addition to providing staffing choice, we also work to reduce the total cost of the service.


When you are working on a data management project, using third party software product can be risky. So, how is your data and information protected? It is wise and normal on your part to ask this question. But you can rest assured that your data is completely protected when using our solutions. We protect all the important and private data of our clients, as if that data is our own. Our clients benefit from the security of dealing with a professionally managed company.

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Shifting my office was a breeze!
I was having nightmares about shifting my 15 employee office to a new location. Fortunately your Asset Manager took much of the load off, making inventory, labeling etc. really easy. We were done in no time and I have even been recommending it to friends!
Carl Selznick, PA

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