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View the video of the Asset Tracking Manager in action

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Asset Barcode Software

Our asset barcode software assists you to keep a track of all the assets of your organization, including tangible assets (physical equipment, hardware, furniture etc) as well as intangible assets (soft files, license information, e-contracts etc). If you choose to use this software, you will be able to accomplish the following tasks very easily:
View the video of the Asset Tracking Manager in action
Scanning barcodes and making appropriate entries in the system.
Tracking both tangible and intangible assets of your organization.
Calculating depreciation of your assets.
Attaching contracts, images and files to the assets.
Using audit functionality to find the missing assets.
Tracking check-in and check-out of different assets.
Our asset barcode software is compatible with Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher. It is designed for the small businesses as well as big enterprises. Containing the feature of barcode scanning, this program is one of the most advanced solutions for recording, tracking and maintaining your assets and inventory. With this program, you will be able to scan barcode labels from any of your assets without any complications.
You can keep track of your entire company’s inventory, including computers, peripherals, furniture, equipment and much more. This software program has following features:
Easy installation
Accessibility from anywhere
Multiple user support
Support for different users at different levels, i.e. administrator, customer, employee etc.
Less cost and more value
Ability to import data in Excel files
Security and data backup facility
Our asset barcode software has all required barcode functionality that is needed to run any business operation successfully. It generates easy-to-read reports which contain the information about Asset Assignment, History, Valuation and Depreciation, etc. Timely reports will give you details about assignment of assets, their history and depreciation as well as valuation details. This is an invaluable aid at the time of computing taxes.

Asset Barcode Software is one of the most cost-effective and economical software programs around. You are charged as per the usage. Our lowest package starts at $99 only for a block of 250 assets.

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Shifting my office was a breeze!
I was having nightmares about shifting my 15 employee office to a new location. Fortunately your Asset Manager took much of the load off, making inventory, labeling etc. really easy. We were done in no time and I have even been recommending it to friends!
Carl Selznick, PA

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